SKYLIFER — is the latest COTS PC technology based version of image generator developed by SDT and deliver a new core for simulator visual system utilized for training applications, combining groundbreaking realism and performance that meets the most challenging training needs both for civil and military customers.

SKYLIFER IG hardware is 100% non-proprietary and true commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS). This enables the power and reliability of continually advancing technology, and the low cost and ready availability of internet sourcing, to be fully exploited.

SKYLIFER software development adheres to flexible-architecture principles. To enable customers to maximize reuse of existing or newly-generated databases, and of commercial model availability, the SKYLIFER® software supports FBX or another model import (e.i. OpenFlight).

SKYLIFER IG features:

  • Open architecture hardware 100%;
  • Requirements for «Level D» FMS visual systems;
  • Fully scalable and supported on the site;
  • Geometry distortion correction and image blending software included;
  • Compatible with all types of projectors and screens;
  • Real-Time Physics Controlled – Particle Based Environmental Effects;
  • Different configurations are available: FTD, FMS and others.

This unique image generator delivers to the customer the highest image quality and the power and capabilities of the latest commercial-off-the-shelf workstation graphics.

Runtime core graphics performance is important to the ability to generate extensive and realistic visual effects. The SKYLIFER® IG runtime provides the following core capabilities and features

Core graphic s performance of SKYLIFER IG:

  • 192GTexels per second fill rate per channel, fully textured, anti-aliased, and lit;
  • Up to 4.1 million pixels per channel output at 60Hz update — able to drive WQXGA (2560 X 1536) projectors;
  • Simultaneous rendering of more than 14 000,000 anti-aliased, multi-textured polygons, and over 750,000 light points per channel;
  • All projected polygon edges and light points are anti-aliased, using up to 32x coverage sample anti-aliasing (CSAA) for improved pilot cues and object recognition;
  • 32-bit color resolution for all polygons and light points;
  • Hardware acceleration and compression/decompression of all textures, with real-time 60Hz asynchronous texture paging, and single level of detail to eliminate distracting artifacts or changing silhouettes;
  • System support for 8k x 8k fully mip-mapped textures;
  • Multiple-resolution texture blending, and support for multiple texture layers;
  • Bump map texturing for greater perceived surface relief, and better near-ground rate cues;
  • Anisotropic texture filtering up to 16 levels for supporting texture clarity at varying distances;
  • Sophisticated texture management and paging scheme takes full advantage of available texture;
  • Memory (12Gb graphics texture memory);
  • Up to 256 levels of transparency, and 256 levels of fade level of detail for enhanced weather effects and blending of scene elements;
  • 24-bit Z buffer resolution;
  • Fixed order (fixed-listing) and/or Z buffer scene object prioritization;
  • Sub-facing (decals) for fix listed object priority without parallax error;
  • Volumetric texture rendering for clouds, fog, precipitation, and special effects. Enhanced motion cueing;
  • SkyLifer IG uses multiple volumetric rendering techniques to give the most realistic 3D clouds at the best performance;
  • All polygons are HAT, HOT and collision detection capable.


You can download the presentation in PDF